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For commercial real estate investment services, we are the go-to source you should visit first. We are unique in that we employ unrivaled, conservative analysis, thorough underwriting, constant assessment of market trends and rates, unparalleled due diligence, a solid business plan on how the asset will be operated, and all the protection an accredited investor wants. We are devoted to working with each individual accredited investor meticulously, on a one to one basis, to ensure that the flow and process for each transaction is seamlessly executed. Our focus is property specific as well as accredited investor specific to bring the most value to the experience and the return on each investment. After all, if you don’t get in with the right company and the right opportunity, build the trust and long term relationship- are you really going to get the right, desired outcome? At Magnolia Design Properties, we focus on the right property, with the right investor client and position with the right outcome, every time.

Our Real Estate Investment Services Process

What We Offer

Magnolia offers a unique, turnkey, one-stop approach to multifamily real estate investing for accredited investors who are looking to invest in properties in the Southeast markets.We are committed to finding the right deals with secure, profitable outcomes for all of our investors.

How We Do It

Magnolia’s team of professionals focuses on every step of the acquisition and syndication process with simple, yet sophisticated processes. This ensures that each deal is met with the same level of scrutiny and efficiency to guarantee that we provide strong returns, long-term value assets, and that we provide the positive outcomes that our accredited investors are looking for.

Our Focus

We work with complete honesty and integrity and are committed to a forward thinking mindset. We focus on building long term relationships with each of our investors as well as with the team of professionals that are associated with each transaction so that we can earn the highest level of marketplace credibility.

Financial Gain

Magnolia continually pursues opportunities that provide strong, favorable returns that every real estate investor is searching for. Real estate is known as an alternative way to invest and gives many investors an ability to diversify in hard, tangible assets. Magnolia is here to provide this path to achieve passive income wealth.

Result Driven

Magnolia provides higher results by means of closing on cash flowing assets, distributing targeted returns on the initial investment, cash on cash returns, and profit at the sale of the asset. We deliver on the business plan and metrics that give the results we all want as investors.


At Magnolia we affiliate with large, publicly- restricted networks and professional organizations whereby these resources of continued education, bootcamps, masterminds, symposiums and advisory boards allow our company to grow and be supported in an ever changing investment marketplace


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